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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Chhitkul Travelopedia "Living On the Edge Of India" - Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh India

Overview Chhitkul

The Last Village Chhitkul—

The last village inside Indian borders, a traveller's heaven. Mere 100 odd KM down the road from Chhitkul is the Indo-Tibetan border. Chhitkul is the last place inhabited by the Indian population.

The village comprises typically Kinnauri style wooden huts. Buddhist community, culture & their distinctive temple structures are a commonality in Chhitkul. Lush lavish thick green forest, wildflowers, pleasing bank of the river Baspa right at the backdrop of snow-covered majestic Himalayan sierra, mesmerised every human soul with the essence of the arrival at earthly heaven.


2620 Metres



Tourist Map

☞ How To Reach Chhitkul


Himachal Pradesh


Between Shimla & Kaza

Road Route—

Delhi >> Shimla >> Sangla >> Chhitkul

Spoken Languages—

Chhitkuli Kinnauri Or Kinnauri-Jangram

Regional Language

Common Language

Chhitkuli Kinnauri is the regional language of the area & is commonly spoken by the locals of Chhitkul & Rakchham. It is essentially been derived from the Tibetan Chinese language family.

Hindi & English

Common Language

Most natives to the place can speak and understand Hindi & English.

People associated with tourism are fluent in Hindi & English

☞ Places To Visit Chhitkul

Best Time To Visit—

Mid-April to Mid-October - Cold Up To -5 °C & Warm Up To 25 °C

November To March - Heavy Snowfall & Cold Up To -28 °C

Summer is the best time to visit Chhitkul. Kinnaur district receives heavy snowfall in winters. Handsome numbers of Rakchham village & Chhitkul village natives relocate themselves to much warmer places on account of arduous & punishing local weather conditions. The winter-tide just alchemized the whole zone into a brutal terrain to reside.

Recommendation - Avoid July & August rainfall

Watch Out For—

Curvy Hilly Roads - Watchful driving is crucial

Monsoon - The area is prone to landslide during rainfall

The last 40 KM to Chhitkul, the road condition is not amongst the best one usually expects in Himachal Pradesh, although the rest of the district roads are in the superior & much healthier state.

Sedan Or SUV- Chhitkul is motarable by sedan

☞ How To Reach Chhitkul

Chhitkul Is Also Known As—

The Last Village Of India

Chittkul Baspa Valley

Must-Shop In Chhitkul—

Souvenir & Decoratives

Art Craft Of Wood

Pine Decoratives

Kinnauri Caps


Locally Woven Woollens

Apples & other Native Fresh Fruits

Must-Try In Chhitkul—

Food At Hindustan Ka Aakhari Dhabba



Local Alcoholic Beverage

Maggie With Masal Tea


Seabuckthorn - Locally Grown

Usually Used In Juices & Cha or Local Tea

☞ Places To Visit Chhitkul

History & Culture

Legends Of Mahabharata—

Gods Human & Demi-Gods-

1st May 1960, Kinnaur district was formed.

Some of the ancient legends & traditions prevail here. The story goes by, that brothers Pandava have spent several years of their exile in the region.

Ancient texts narrate local people as halfway between humans and gods.

The locals are overwhelming & highly hospitable to visitors.

Local Cuisine—

Chhitkul has a high percentage of the Buddhist community among the Hindu population, hence local food at Chhitkul is a blend of Tibetan & Pahadi cuisine.

Popular Food & Beverages-

1. Thukpa-

It is a noodle soup with steamed veggies and also with chicken, served with Tibetan bread made of barley or millets.

☞ How To Reach Chhitkul

2. Sea Buckthorn Juice Or Tea-

Sea buckthorn is a locally grown berry and is a fine anti-oxidant. It helps visitors adapt to low temperatures & high altitude.

3. Chang & Arakh-

It is advisable to go for at least an attempt to try Chang (barley beer) or Arakh (barley whiskey) which are local alcoholic beverages made of barley.

4. Cha Or Tea-

Cha (Tea) water is put to boil with wild tea leaves, salt, milk, butter, walnut, almond and spices.

Local Alcohol-

1. Anguri-

A local swine made from different varieties of grapes, support the high altitude lifestyle of Kinnaur.

2. Chuli-

A very popular drink among Kinnauri's, constituent apples, apricot and some other native fruits. Chuli is a transparent and light drink.

☞ Places To Visit Chhitkul

Fairs & Festivals—

1. Sajo-

The locals take a dip in the Baspa river during the wintry cold month of January. The water of the river is considered holy & the bath signifies the purification of body, mind & soul. Numerous food delicacies are prepared in celebration & the food is offered to God, three times a day.

2. Dakhraini-

Dakhraini is the festival of dance & music, held during the rainy month of July. The Goddess symbol is brought out of the temple. The locals perform the native dances on folk music and regional flowers are offered to gladden the Goddess.

3. Beesh-

Beesh can also be called Baisakhi of Kinnaur. Beesh is a celebration of the end of the winter season & welcoming of the summers. The festival is held in April, Beesh symbolizes dance, music, food & drinks. People buy & wear new clothes on the occasion, which are less warmer than the clothes worn in recently concluded winter.

☞ How To Reach Chhitkul

4. Losar-

Losar is a new year celebration of Kinnaur. The fest is held to honour and welcome the coming year ahead. Losar is a prominent occasion of Kinnaur, where people meet & greet families and friends to mark the beginning and best wishes for the year coming ahead.

5. Flaich Ukhayang-

Commonly famed as the festival of flowers is held in September. The deity of the village is carried is a profession alongside the huge crowd. The deity stage is majestically decorated with locally grown flowers. A goat is also sacrificed in honour of the Goddess.


Majorly Hindu Pahadi - Kanets Domangs Ores Kolis Chamangs

Buddhist - Healthy Tibetan Population



Tinge Of Christians Population


Govt Recommended—

Rest Houses | Hotel | Resort | Homestays-

Book hotel through HPTDC

Book stay through eco-tourism society of Himachal Pradesh

Click for Government accommodation, homestay, Rest house, hotel, resort

You can effortlessly locate budget hotels at Sangla or Chhitkul & travellers could also pick a new experience of a homestay. Homestays are available for as low as Rs 1000 per pax. Open camping sites are a commonality in Sangla. Stargazing at the camping site is a magical and must-try experience.

Hotels At Chhitkul & Sangla—

Hotel Batseri - Sangla

Zostel - Chhitkul

The Wanderer's Nest - Chhitkul

Samaa Resorts - Chhitkul

Monal Regency - Sangla

Mount Kailash - Sangla

Important Info

Stuff To Remember

The weather at high altitude is very unpredictable. A major consequence of high altitude is breathlessness, hence it is wise to carry some basic medicines & portable oxygen cylinder.

Do not forget to pack a hat or a cap, sunscreen, a good moisturiser as well as a hydrating lip balm to stay safe from direct and harsh sunlight.

Full sleeves woollens, woollen caps, gloves, socks, an umbrella & a raincoat, are essentials to carry.

Indian travellers need to carry valid ID’s, the best option would be Adhaar Card.

Travellers extending their journey further into Himachal Pradesh, foreign national need permit for the distance between Reckong Peo & Kaza.

Helpline Numbers—

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Helpline - 0177-5522315, 2657314

Police Helpline - 9459100100

Disaster Helpline - 01786-223151/52/53/54/55

District Ayurvedic Hospital (Govt) - 01786-222209

Jindal Sanjeevani Hospital (PVT) - 9805970854

Regional hospital Kinnaur (Govt) - 01786-222319

District Police headquarter Reckong Peo - 01786-222210

Police Station Moorang - 01785-252524

Himachal Pradesh State Human Right Commission - 0177-2624909, 2620721

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